Angel Yeast Brings Sustainable Food Solutions for the Future to FI Europe & Hi 2023

28 NOV 2023 13:01 | PR Newswire

FRANKFURT, Germany, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Angel Yeast, (SH600298), the world's leading yeast manufacturer, is highlighting its food solutions for the future to Fi Europe & Hi 2023, the premium exhibition in the food and health ingredients sector which is being held from November 28 to 30 at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany.

Fi Europe & Hi 2023 is a leading professional platform for prominent industry players and innovators in the European market, and more than 21,000 guests from 135 countries are participating in the event.

Angel Yeast is exhibiting at booth 4.0G121 under the theme of "Taste Future." Angel Yeast is committed to developing tastier, healthier, and more sustainable solutions for the global food and beverage industry.

"Angel Yeast is excited to participate in Fi Europe 38 Hi 2023 and showcase our latest technologies, products, and solutions," said Eric Ao, General Manager of Angel Yeast Europe. "We are committed to sustainable development and will continue to bring innovative products to global consumers. We aim to meet manufacturers' flavor customization needs. We have introduced a new range of yeast-based product series called Taste Solutions, including AngeoPrime, Angeoboost, Angeotide, AngeoPro, Angearom, and Angeocell, to help clients fully understand the product features and make the correct selections," Ao added.

Designing the taste solutions for the future

Consumers today are growing more aware of embracing a healthy lifestyle and supporting a sustainable future, this trend has propelled the rapid growth of the vegan food market, and sustainable protein solution in dairy beverage and vegan food is the key.

"Yeast protein has emerged as the ideal choice to replace whey proteins, animal proteins, and plant proteins. Angel Yeast's yeast extract (YE) and yeast protein are sustainable, natural, and vegan food flavoring ingredients widely applied in the different sectors of the food industry to season and guarantee food flavor stability," said Ao.

At Fi Europe & Hi 2023, Angel Yeast is highlighting AngeoPro, a 100% naturally fermented yeast protein with all nine essential amino acids and 80% protein content. Not only is it GMO-free, but it is also free from allergens and gluten, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. This versatile ingredient is commonly used to enhance the flavor and nutritional profile of vegan cheese, ice cream, dairy products, protein drinks, protein bars, cheese-flavored crackers, whole wheat bread, and vegan meat.

Another standout product from Angel Yeast is Angeoboost, a YE with a strong umami flavor profile, compared to other flavorings it contributes to salt reduction without compromising the great taste. It's rich in natural nucleotides and intensifies the overall flavor of food products, a perfect clean-label ingredient and natural substitute for MSG.

Angeotide, a peptide yeast extract, offers a delightful and enduring sensory experience by infusing richness and depth into food. Abundant in ribonucleic acid and flavor peptides, it effectively harmonizes and enhances the fundamental tastes of various dishes.

Healthier Lifestyle: Baking Solutions and Sports Nutrition

Angel Yeast is also presenting high-protein whole wheat bread using AngeoPro that elevates flavors, improves the nutritious qualities, and provides healthier options that mutually benefit both the bakeries and consumers. Besides, more baking solutions are being showcased at the event, including chilled dough, and frozen dough solutions.

The yeast protein bar is specifically developed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, vegetarians/vegans, and individuals with inadequate protein intake. Additionally, with its mild flavors that appeal to a wider audience, this high-protein product crucially aids in muscle repair, enhances muscle strength, and facilitates muscle recovery.

Another highly coveted material exhibited at the show is Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), which finds extensive application in biodegradable food packaging. Notably, PHA is both marine degradable and biocompatible.

Angel Yeast, with over 30 years of experience, has become a trusted partner for yeast extract. The company operates multiple plants in China and an overseas factory in Egypt, guaranteeing a reliable supply for our partners worldwide. Furthermore, Angel Yeast is committed to sustainable development and looks forward to future collaborations as a trustworthy partner.

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