AM General Features JLTV A2 International Debut at Eurosatory 2024

14 JUN 2024 15:58 | PR Newswire

PARIS, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading manufacturer of light tactical vehicles and mobility systems, AM General, will feature the next generation Joint Light Tactical Vehicle A2 (JLTV A2) for the first time outside of the United States alongside the rugged HUMVEE Saber. The company is excited to showcase these two innovative platforms that demonstrate its commitment to leading the light tactical vehicle industry to meet and exceed the current and future demands of the modern battlefield. The exposition will take place in Paris, France, June 17 - 21, 2024, Hall 5, Booth #B189 - U.S. Pavilion.

"Eurosatory is the perfect international venue to debut the JLTV A2 and demonstrate the improvements made to this incredible platform and how these will positively impact the Warfighter," said Jim Cannon, AM General President and CEO. "As we ramp up the program it's also important for us to communicate to our customers the acquisition process, via Foreign Military Sales (FMS), for the JLTV A2 and being at this far-reaching show allows us to do that."

The JLTV A2 Utility variant will be on display and will feature the deFNder Medium Remote Weapon Station from FN Firearms that is suited for self-defense, infantry fire support, and long-range combat missions. In addition to its ability to integrate defensive weaponry, the JLTV A2 has many significant improvements over the A1 platform. The A2 platform key features include improved fuel efficiency via upgraded transmission gear coding, enhanced lithium-ion battery that replaces the 2 current lead-acid batteries, enhanced corrosion protection to mitigate existing corrosion issues, and improved accessibility for easier maintenance.

In addition to the JLTV A2, AM General will also display the HUMVEE Saber, which combines the proven and battle tested HUMVEE Series 13 chassis with a new monocoque armored capsule delivering significantly enhanced crew protection and survivability. For Eurosatory, the company will feature a concept in collaboration with Hornet Defense, Aerovironment, Armorworks, and IMMI to showcase the platform's flexibility to increase its defensive and offensive capabilities in addition to its revolutionary, patent-pending cabin design.

AM General representatives will be present to discuss not only the innovative vehicles on display, but also the wide variety of mobility solutions in their product portfolio. They will also provide in-depth information on the FMS procurement process, engineering and logistics services, award-winning global supply chain management, field service support, and equipment warranty support.

About AM General

AM General engineers, manufactures, and supports specialized vehicles for military and commercial customers. Its global presence of diverse product offerings in over 70 countries uniquely positions AM General to enhance interoperability across Allies and build on its long-standing defense industry and automotive partnerships. AM General's innovative spirit delivers advanced, rugged, resilient, and dependable mobility solutions that will move you. With a well-rounded product portfolio, which includes the iconic HUMVEE vehicles, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle A2 (JLTV A2), the next-generation HUMVEE Saber light tactical truck that has enhanced levels of protection, and the revolutionary soft recoil technology for mobile platforms, AM General strives to offer continuous improvement that is ready now. AM General has extensive experience meeting the changing needs of the defense and automotive industries, supported by its employees at major facilities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, and a strong supplier base that stretches across 43 states. Please see more information about AM General at .

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