Mindfulness tegen slaapproblemen

24 MEI 2024 06:00 | Traffic Family

There are a lot of people who sleep poorly. For about 25% of people, falling asleep is a stress factor. A good mattress, for example a nice topper mattress , is important for a good night's sleep, but if that is not enough, mindfulness can help. What types of mindfulness can help and how does it work? In this article we tell you all about it.

How can mindfulness help?

When the right mattress, such as a 140x200 mattress , is not enough to get to sleep, mindfulness may be a solution. Many sleep problems are caused by worrying. Something that is common in today's performance society. Mindfulness invites you to reflect on the here and now and actively feel your body, so that the stress around tomorrow or today can fade into the background and you can therefore sleep better.


Many people find meditation something very scary. How should that be done? Thinking about nothing? Fortunately, meditation does not mean that you don't have to think about anything. Meditation takes practice and in the beginning you can, for example, take a lesson or follow a guided meditation via an app, so that your thoughts are somewhat guided and you are not just thrown into the deep end. Please look for a form of meditation that suits you. For example, do you want to listen to music while meditating? Or do you prefer a walking meditation?


Yoga can also help with sleep, because yoga focuses a lot on the here and now and the state of your body. Follow regular yoga during the day, but in the evening yoga nidra (also called sleep yoga) can be a quick fix for stress. You perform this form of yoga lying down and you can optionally be guided by a voice via a special app or via YouTube.


If you are really experiencing serious problems with your sleep, haptotherapy can also be a solution. It is difficult to explain exactly what haptotherapy is, but it seems to be a kind of combination of mindfulness, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. With touch and conversations, a haptotherapist challenges you to be more in the here and now with your own body and to pay more attention to your own needs. Unfortunately, haptotherapy is not reimbursed by your basic health insurance and is not cheap, but many people do benefit greatly from it.

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